Purpose of personal information usage

When a member provides personal information, in principle, the information will be used solely for the purpose of delivering our business or service and related information, as well as for the purpose of enhancing our business or service. If you intend to use it for any other purpose, please ensure that the purpose is explicitly stated when you provide your personal information. Personal information will not be utilized for any purpose other than these legitimate ones without your permission.

Provision to third parties

Personal information provided by members will not be shared with third parties except in the following situations:

  • When sharing with our business partners or service providers (such as sales agents and shipping companies, etc) who have entered into a confidentiality agreement, to the extent necessary for the stated purposes of use.
  • With the member’s explicit consent.
  • When mandated by law.

Change of registration information,etc

If a member wishes to change, verify, correct, or delete their registered personal information, we will promptly respond.

We make every effort to securely manage the personal information of our members. It is our rational and appropriate approach to mitigate the risk of unauthorized external access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information. We have implemented various security measures for this purpose. Furthermore, each department responsible for handling personal information has a designated individual in charge of personal information protection. We are committed to effective and comprehensive management of personal information and ensure that our staff are well-informed about information security.

Collection of Specific Information

This website does not collect personally identifiable information (such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.) without your consent. However, this website may collect non-personally identifiable information. Examples of such information include records of the pages you visit on our website and the domain name from which your website is accessed. This information may be used to enhance the content of this website.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, Revision of This Policy

We will comply with applicable laws and policies concerning the personal information we gather; and will review and improve this policy as necessary. Consequently, the content of this policy may be subject to revisions, so please check it regularly.

Scope of This Policy

This policy pertains exclusively to this website. We are not responsible for the privacy protection of other websites linked to this site, so please refer to the privacy policy of each respective website.

* If you have any questions regarding the contents of this page, please contact us at the following address.

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